Enchanting Minds

Tumblr for all my RP Characters. Only Characters that are mine, so certain members are missing.

Family 1:

Daphne Greengrass. Former Slytherin. Pureblood. 24. FC: Emma Stone. Older FC: Naomi Watts.

Skylar Jaedon Clapton and Kiara Rowan Clapton. Toddlers. 3 years old. Twin children of Daphne Greengrass and Maximillian Clapton. FC: (12+) Tom Holland and Dakota Fanning. (18+) Channing Tatum and Hayden Pannettiere.

Chandler Andrew Clapton. Adopted son of Daphne Greengrass and Maximillian Clapton. FC: (11-16) Greyson Chance. (17+) Drew Roy.

Castiel Greengrass: Department of Mysteries Official. FC: Robert Downey Jr.

Hallie Helen Greengrass: Photographer for Witch Weekly. FC: Gwyneth Paltrow

Heather Hale Greengrass: Party woman. Traveller. FC: Kim Cattrall

Harper Hazel Smith (nee Greengrass): Healer at St. Mungos. Mother to Jacqueline Alexandria Smith. Stepmother to Jason Aaron Smith. Married to Evan Krosel Smith (see Family 10). FC: Carrie Underwood

Family 2:

Grace Valisia De Luca. Gryffindor. Pureblood. 20. FC: Anna Kendrick.

Miranda Voya de Luca. American-English. Younger sister to Grace Valisia de Luca. Intellectual. Ravenclaw. 16. FC: Troian Bellisario

Gwen De Luca. Deceased at 17. Twin to Grace. FC: Anna Kendrick.

Veronica De Luca. Oldest De Luca Daughter. 24. Gymnast. FC: Missy Peregrym

Byron and Machialle De Luca. Mother and Father to Grace, Gwen, Miranda, and Veronica. Lawyers. FC: Chad Lowe. FC: Lesley Fera

Family 3:

Zaria Aleera Harker. Slytherin. Pureblood. Human. 19. FC: Astrid Berges-Frisbey. Older FC: Marion Cotillard.

Bruno and Alex. Vampires. 400 and 230. FC: Alvaro Cervantes. FC: Llorenc Gonzalez.

Cersia Harker. Mother to Zaria. Vampire. 247. FC: Marion Cotillard.

Johanna Aleris: Vampire. Was turned after Zaria left her maker.

The Maker: Vampire. The Count. Forced Zaria to be his bride for years before letting her go. Turned Johanna. FC: Richard R.

Family 4:

Alana McCauley. Witch. Current Professor of Earth Magic. 42. Mother to Aschia McCauley, Macbeth McCauley, and Aaron McCauley. FC: Mary Louise Parker.

Aschia Kroa McCAuley. Scottish. Skilled Archer. Twin to Macbeth McCauley. Ravenclaw. 16. Fc: Willa Holland

Aaron Jensen McCauely. Scottish. Auror. 26. Brother to Aschia and Macbeth McCauley. FC: Stephen Amell.

Family 5:

Alia Aries Asorte. Heir to Asorte Enterprises. Marine Biologist. Oxford Graduate. 26. FC: Lizzy Caplan.

Corrine Venus Asorte. Sister to Aries. 13. Hufflepuff. FC: Georgie Henley.

Keane Calvin Asorte and Emmery Addison Asorte. President and Vice President of Asorte Enterprises. FC: Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.

Gretchen Fayburn. 43. Aunt to Aries and Corrine. Sister to Keane. Wants to take over Asorte Enterprises. FC: Alysia Reiner.

Family 6:

Sophia Jessalynn Blake. Former Ravenclaw. Half-Blood. 20. FC: Katie Cassidy. Older FC: Ali Larter.

Jessalynn Sophie Blake. Fraternal twin to Sophia Blake. 20. FC: Blake Lively.

Anston Blake: Kidnapped, believed to be deceased, but is not. FC: Tom Hiddleston

Olivia Karen Blake: Mental. Resides in a cell in Azkaban Prison. First Child when she was 16, second when she was 24, third when she was 25. FC: Rachel Weisz

Denarus Kyle Blake: Durmstrang. One year older than Sophia. 18 years old. FC: Lucas Till

Kamila Daison Blake: Healer at St. Mungos. About 26 years old. FC: Ali Larter

Family 7:

Arista Afton Wyatt. Professor of Diviniation. Half-blood. 32. FC: Holly Marie Combs

Aryn Aldith Wyatt: Healer at St. Mungos. Middle of the Wyatt Sisters. FC: Alyssa Milano

Aleska Arienne Wyatt: Recently graduated. Works for Witch Weekly. FC: Rose McGowan

Ariel Anastasia Wyatt. Lawyer in New York City. FC: Shannon Doherty

Tiffany Lily Gordon. 4th year. Hufflepuff. Orphan. Fostered by Professor Wyatt. FC: Emily Osment. (younger and older)

Family 8:

Guinevere Rousseau. Witch. 17. Pureblood. Immortal. FC: Taissa Farmiga

Genevieve Rousseau. Witch. 18. Pureblood. Sister to Guin. Immortal. FC: Emma Roberts

Jean Rousseau: Muggle Detective from France. FC: Jason Bateman

Jassel Rousseau: Witch. Has her off days. Schizophrenic . FC: Lily Rabe

Kayn Westwood: Best friend to Genevieve. Attends Beauxbatons. FC: Rory Culkin

Zia Jasper Weiss. 18. Pureblood Fae. FC: Francesca Eastwood.

Family 9:

Giovanna Elizabetha Canales. Slytherin. Pureblood. Succubus. 22. FC: Mila Kunis
Older FC: Eva Mendes

Isabella Maria Quintanilla de Canales: owns the most Luxurious suites in Italy that are currently branching to Spain and Portugal. FC: Minnie Driver

Fernando Isaac Canales: Minister of Magic in Italy. FC: Lisardo Guarinos

Neftaly Ibarra. Cousin to Giovanna. Bitch. FC: Maite Perroni.

Katalina Ibarra. Sister to Neftaly. FC: Camilla Belle.

Lucero Andrea Canales de Ibarra: Fashion Designer. Mother to Neftaly and Katalina, sister to Fernando Isaac Canales, aunt to Giovanna Elizabetha Canales

Family 10:

Jason Aaron Smith. Pureblood. 22. Ministry Worker. FC: Grant Gustin.

Evan Krosel Smith: Death Eater (or Former, depending on RP) Married to Harper Hazel Greengrass. Werewolf. FC: Blake Shelton

Jacqueline Alexandria Smith: Little sister to Jace. About four years old. Daughter to Harper and Evan.

Jayna Coral Reede: Mother to Jace. Deceased. FC: Courtney Cox

Family 11:

Chase Axel Anwell. Wizard. 24. Halfblood. Half-brother to Crisiant Anwell. Musician. FC: Brendon Urie.

Crisiant Anwell. Witch. 22. Pureblood. Reporter. Half-Sister to Chase Anwell. FC: Rachel Nichols

Cavrina Arielle Corvin. Witch. 24. Halfblood. Cousin to Chase and Crisiant Anwell. Broadway and West End Star. Soprano. FC: Sierra Boggess

Eden Billie O'Byrne. Witch. 24. Best friend to Cavrina. Broadway/ West End Star. Soprano. FC: Anna O'Byrne
Family 12:

Zayda Liani Escada. 23. Model. Spanish-French. Sister to Vico Teresa Andares. FC: Eiza Gonzalez.

Victoria Teresa Andares. 26. Healer. Sister to Zayda Escada. Widow. FC: Angelique Boyer.

Family 13
Aoife Everly Reagan. Irish-British with American citizenry. Adopted. M.I.T Graduate. Healer. FC: Emily Bett Rickards

Adoptive Parents of Aoife. American. Broadway actors. FC: Norm Lewis. FC: Audra McDonald

Sarah-Bailey Reagan. Biological cousin to Aoife. Auror. FC: Caity Lotz.

Families in Process:

Gloria Ashburn. 23. Werewolf. Bisexual. Barmaid at the Leaky Cauldron. FC: Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Hayley Wiseman. Gryffindor. Pureblood. 17. FC: Cher Lloyd

Kennedy Shae Summers. Ravenclaw. Mentally unstable. 17. Born in London, given up for adoption. Raised in America. FC: Allison Mack

Soraya Salvia Mirov. 36. Vampire. 2,048 years old. FC: Kate Beckinsale

Joanne Bennett. Olympic Swimmer. 17. American. Gryffindor. FC: Missy Franklin

Kansas Alyne Lane. Singer/Artist. Southern Belle. Ravenclaw. 17. FC: Demi Lovato

Eivor Kerstin Moller. Scandinavian Model. Nereid (Sea Nymph) Gryffindor. 17. FC: Coco Rocha

Liliana Annette Irizarry. Spanish Witch. Hufflepuff. 17. FC: Anahi

Alana Mila Ka'aukai. Hawaiian. Black-Belt. Gryffindor. 17. FC: Kristin Kreuk.

Ambrosette Deianire Agariste. Mermaid. 18. Stays with Lemont Crusade. Amnesiac. Princess of the Sea. FC: Sophia Bush.

Jacoline Thandiwe Le Roux. Half-South African/ Half-British. Healer. 1/5 of The Saturdays. 23. FC: Rochelle Humes.

Kara Eleri Greene. Ghost of an old witch. Just wants to be corporeal. 18. FC: Mary-Kate Olsen.

Monroe Fayel Parish. Hogwarts Groundskeeper. Ex-Inmate. Lesbian. 26. FC: Laura Prepon.

Natasha Ellen Abbey. Indie Musician. 23. FC: Avril Lavigne.

Leia Luc Edwards. Former Hufflepuff. Oxford graduate. 22. Assigned to Hogwarts by Ministry. FC: Felicia Day.